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Welcome to Vulcans Realm. A place where we can discuss any Topic so please keep engaged and challenge ideas, Post challenges in comments and generally feed back what you are thinking.

This site will be updated regularly with new content and was born from not having a platform to be heard and thus no voice. Most ideas come from a great start but can be lost along the way so please comment and maybe we can spark some imagination to solve issues.

Vulcans Realm, for those that are interested, originates from Roman Mythology as Vulcan was the God of Fire and keeper of the engineers of the day. His Realm was Mt Etna ( a bit of an Ancient Greek and roman blend there) which was guarded by a roaming cyclops. I thought that the cyclops was quite similar to inventors and innovators looking for alternative methods using the tools that they find in the realm. The realm is in my mind, Nature and we are all bound by the laws and fundamentals of Nature in everything we do. So that kind of sets the tone of thought that you are entering into and engaging with but hopefully you will find the experience fun and intrigueing if nothing else.

Having said that, all content shared on this site must be taken as my ideas and not advice, I do not advise you to do anything. 

The Disclaimer – I take no responsibility for anything you may do or affect after engaging with this website including if you get depressed or have hurt feelings. 

If any ideas shared in this website seem similar to others, I have not plagiarised or stolen technology, we just had the same solution and crazy thought process. If you patented it then well done, but I have not seen it and have come to a similar solution on my own which I am allowed to talk about.

If you take an idea from here and patent it in a way that prevents it being accessible to others in the spirit that it is shared here, then shame on you.

You must always seek professional guidance from the trade and regulatory bodies and never dismiss official versions or accounts based on what you engage with on this site. 

Do not recreate or produce anything engaged with on this site. You must always take responsibility for your own actions and my advice regarding the content on this site is if you are not able to be responsible for your actions, leave this site now. Do not blame this site or me for anything someone else does.

If you are not trained and qualified then get someone who is or consult your local training / education facility.

I take no responsibility for anything that you may do after reading or engaging with the material in this website or harm / damage you may do to yourself or others. 

This site displays adverts supplied by WordPress WordAds and take no responsibility for what is displayed. I have great plans for experiments in the future and need the revenue to pay for them otherwise I offer the information inside as free.

If you are under 16 years of age, please do not enter the website. sorry its a legal thing as the ads are not age restricted. If you do enter anyway then please consult your Parent / Guardian and get their advice. 

If you are a Parent / Guardian / Teacher then you are responsible for supervising the Child while they are viewing the material on this website.


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