So following on the current theme of How do we collect accurate Geolocations to high Precision, I believe the first point of call is the SP20 but when you need that separate Receiver mounted on a pole and Bluetooth connected to your device, then this is a High Precision GNSS Receiver that is tested with a standard Samsung Tab S2 aswell as the high spec Ranger series of Data Collectors.

The object of the application is for Industrial BIM and PAS256 data capture but the mock location in Android makes this a formidible device for all Geolocation applications, not only for data collection, but including automated IOT drones and Bots.

There is a more advanced version , the SP80, with its additional web interfaces but the end result is the same but maybe they will be kind enough for me to test that one too one day……..

Anyway have a look at the review SPECTRA SP60 GNSS RECEIVER and see what you think.

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