OpenCV – Introduction

Xara Web Designer

OpenCV is all about processing Images from still photography or film and converting the data in the images to computer code and gives you the ability to work with the raw image data.

Thats a big piece to get your head around but I have found this set of youtube learning videos that starts at the basics of how computers see images and takes you through it in bite size pieces up to the capability of reading lane marking for self driving vehicles. I am also adding notes and supplementary notes after the videos to help understand as this site is geared towards knowing nothing and taking through to being capable yourself without needing to attend college. I myself am self taught on most things with the guidance and material provided by others on the internet or libraries. The downside is that you do not have a piece of paper for a job interview but you will have demonstrable skills so stick with it as you can learn anything.

The you tube video below gives a good introduction to OpenCV and how computers see images. It also includes an brief introduction to ‘numpy’ which is a highly optimised set of Python objects for working with images and numbers.

Please see the links and text below to follow along.

If you have never coded with Python and don’t quite follow along then please have a look at the following tutorial but if you just stick it out, you will pick it up. Think of coding like when you learnt to drive or ride a bike, scary at first but second nature after a while.

youtube – learn python in 4.5 hours