OpenCV – Installing on Windows

Xara Web Designer

If you are using a Windows Operating system i.e. Windows 10 then this is the video showing you how to install OpenCV which is crucial to learning. If however you are using a Linux Ubuntu system then please look at this video

The topics covered in this video are also useful for learning background features in Windows 10.

Please see the links and text below to follow along.

Download Links

You can download Python from

You do not need to but if you want to download microsofts awesome free code editor Visual Studio Code, This is the link but the rest of the lessons are completed in Pycharm which I would advise using to follow along and then convert to VS code later when you are experienced.

Commands for command prompt

  • python –version
  • pip –version
  • pip install opencv-python
  • python
  • import cv2
  • cv2.__version__

Opening Downloaded Files

Sometimes your browser will not allow you to open downloaded files from the bottom of the browser, especialy if they are .zip files but you can either use the drop down arrow next to the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser and select ‘open in explorer’ or go to your ‘Downloads’ folder and find it there. Again if it is a .zip file then you can right click it and select ‘Extract All’ which will create a larger size folder version of the zip file. This will work now.

Command Prompt

Windows 10 is what they call ‘evergreen’ which in laymans terms means it is always updating and changing. This is normally behind the scenes stuff but does affect how the menus work. At the time of writing, to get the command prompt in the method shown on the video, you have to

  • Right Click the Windows Icon (Menu Icon)
  • Select ‘Run’
  • Type ‘cmd’ in the box
  • click ‘OK’ or press ‘Enter’