This is a group heading page for topics related to BIM – Built Information Modelling and GIS – Geographic Information Systems.

These two cross over more and more these days with the terming of Geospatial technologies or Geospatialy linked control systems.

For me, as a gamer and tech enthusiast, I am fascinated towards the Gamification aspect of combining the two, BIM and GIS adding some code to a physics game environment like Unity or ARMORY3D and recreating the real into the Virtual.

This has been dubbed the VIRTUAL WORLD and is more than fluffy bunnies on a VR headset or phone screen, it is a full working system of not only some bits of industrial equipment but all of the natural phenomena too.

This Virtual World Linked to the real world can solve many of our problems with automation. So this aspect is solved as we struggle to make machines see and understand our world, Thats because it is our world. We need to create their world and overlace the two together. This is quite simple to do but requires some investment and OpenSource ethics.