Electromagnetic Fields

There has been much talk regarding The Health effects of Electromagnetic fields and counter arguments pointing to not enough evidence. It appears now that the tide is turning and the effect of em fields is starting to be realised.

So What is an Electromagnetic field

An electromagnetic field is something that is produced whenever electricity flows through a conductor. In most respects it is similar to a static magnetic field i.e. the earth or bar magnet holding a sticker on your fridge but it is the forming and collapsing of that field, i.e. whenever the electricity is turned on or off or its direction is reversed. This is because much like a conductor produces a magnetic field when current is passed through it, the reverse is also true for when you pass a conductor through a magnetic field.

Whats The problem then ?

That’s great for generators, wireless communications etc but not for people as like computers, our bodies operate by electrical communications in the brain and nerves. So when we pass through a magnetic field, we are that conductor and have a minuscule charge applied to us. That’s fine in nature but when we induce unnatural magnetic fields of high power relative to nature, it is understood that there is an effect on our bodies and brains. I never considered this when having my SMART meter fitted and feel duped by my electricity supplier. Now with the following documents as introduced below I am worried for my family but I will begin and let you form your own oppinion.

While researching about SMART electricity meters, where there is an abundance of general information either supporting or denying claims of health effects, I came across this HSE (UK Health and Safety) legislation about exposure to electromagnetic fields.


This is pertinent when investigating SMART meters and Head worn VR equipment. For those that are not aware, all electronics produce some sort of electromagnetic field, for the reasons explained at the top, especially those using wireless communications such as mobile phones and many sport watches.

The interesting thing is that this differs from many Health organisations (who only seem to openly recognise ICNRP short term exposure) advice regarding SMART Electric Meters. There are many countries, like Switzerland / Russia / China etc, who have set their limits 100 times lower as they are more concerned with long term exposure.

I encourage you to look at chapters sections 2 and 3 of the following advice from uk gov and form your own conclusion.


So I wanted to examine my home and workspace and looked into purchasing a detector which are in the £100-£1000 price bracket for a good one but even then its not evidence if its not calibrated so true to nature I thought ‘Is there an App for that’ and sure enough there are plenty that use an Android internal sensor.

I tried many and found ‘Ultimate EMF Detector’ was the easiest. I am not recommending this App and use it at your own risk.

I was astonished at the results and downloaded for several Android devices with a mixture of result values (to be expected as all sensors are different and the Samsung S5 is now about 5 years old and smashed screen) but all depicted a rise at the same locations. In the below video, I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 series 1. The readings are proportionately really high around the speakers and screen which surprisingly was greatly higher than the wireless card. Obviously that is how speakers work but with all this hype of em emitters, no one has bought into question our old friend the speaker. Imagine what some of those old headphones would of produced next to your brain, No wonder I didn’t get that scholarship.

Please see the video below.

em scan of laptop.

So it is worth noting that background (earth magnetic field) is 30 to 60 micro Tesla’s and is a static magnetic field so not bad but thats the baseline that is detected in open space. I went for a walk and found the surrounding built environment is around 30-40 also. Switch on the microwave and it jumps over 100 around the door frame with the numbers bouncing all over the place. It not scientific but gives a good idea of increase though and the presence of a strong electromagnetic field. So I thought, what about my laptop, what about a phone strapped to my forehead in a budget VR goggle set, bare in mind the HSE guidelines are only UK and came into force in 2016 so all equipment in the public space prior to 2016 might not comply.

They do break down the advice for countries regarding power line emmisions and regulations at emfs  but there is limited information regarding electronics.

Someone said to me, “what are you worried about, it hasn’t killed you yet”. I replied, they have not removed asbestos from buildings just stopped putting it in. The danger is still there so it needs to be managed.

On SMART meters, I personally do not think the biggest health risk is the wireless rf emissions but from the stress of having a meter almost never in the green. so I unplugged it and life is good again. Its just another stress so the energy companies can profit rather than invest.


Electro Magnetic fields are here to stay but all guidance points to reducing your exposure where practical.

This does not mean giving up your gadgets, use corded VR headsets instead of mobile phone mounts – even just reducing the time can help reduce exposure. Most of us have laptops, use them on a table when possible, generally keep things at arms length, mobile phones – use loudspeaker or audio system docking / handsfree.

SmartWatch – they say you can wear it on your ankle but looking at the time would definitely look odd. Imagine Monday morning rush hour in London. If anyone has a good alternative for this then please post in the comments.

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