I am sure many have been aware of recent developments regarding digital Virtualisation of the built Environment. At first this was a fun topic for me on how I can save my modelling Time and focus on learning coding and gameplay mechanics when using UNITY (one awesome Game Engine and free until you start to earn a good wedge).

For the built environment and everything above ground or below that you can access, there are laser scanners which produce detail cloudpoints which can be processed into models with the correct software (I am currently studying open source to proprietry software so more posts coming soon).

The problem is that currently these scanners have trouble with water, which just shows as empty space. Now for me, this is great to be able to show lake perimeters etc in mm accuracy but what about below.

As you may guess, there are many high end solutions like the uls-500 from 2grobotics that can scan upto 15m but what about us with shorter pockets. It takes a little longer but there is a product that is designed for fishermen that could be incorporated into the GIS mapping toolset.

The Cheaper option approx £200 Deeper Sonar Fishermans Buoy

Use this micro sonar buoy attached to a drone boat which uploads to a mapping portal via your android phone. You can not only map the depths of the water but also fish activity too which is good to track watercourse health.

It is an adaption inspired by boat mounted fishermans fishfinder but connected to the internet via an android phone. It is then uploaded to a web server and maps the water courses bed, with depth and GPS positioning and fishes in that water course.

Obviously this is a great tool for fishermen, but I believe has so many more applications past just fishermen and with a cost of only £200 mark. I fear that the accuracy may not be as good due to it being SONAR but should be a good rough guide. At the end of the day, it is the same fundamental tech used on boats just repackaged, cheaper and portable (like a mobile phone).

The beautiful thing about this device is that it uploads to the web and the mapping portal where you can export them. I really need to continue this topic further and see if I can get a trial of one of these devices. I will then update this page and let everyone know of the findings but just imagine full environmental mapping. #Very Exciting

The web link to their page is

or you can buy one here on AMAZON Deeper Sonar Fishermans Buoy