Mathematics, in short, is the science of numbers, shapes and patterns. It is also the way we can understand most things in the universe from colours to space travel.

The following pages are related to learning mathematics for Engineering and have been based upon the current (September 2019) EASA part 66 Aircraft Engineers Licence Knowledge Requirements which is a good standard for most challenges. If you want Pure Quantum Mechanics to explain the theory of everything, then you may need University.

What will we cover –

  • 1.1 Arithmetic –
    • Arithmetical terms and signs,
    • methods of multiplication and division,
    • fractions and decimals,
    • factors and multiples,
    • weights, measures and conversion factors,
    • ratio and proportion,
    • averages and percentages,
    • areas and volumes,
    • squares,
    • cubes,
    • square and cube roots.

  • 1.2 Algebra
    • Evaluating simple algebraic expressions,
    • addition,
    • subtraction,
    • multiplication
    • division,
    • use of brackets,
    • simple algebraic fractions;
    • Linear equations and their solutions;
    • Indices and powers,
    • negative and fractional indices;
    • Binary and other applicable numbering systems;
    • Simultaneous equations
    • Second degree equations with one unknown;
    • Logarithms.
Unhackable Kaspersky

  • 1.3 Geometry
    • Simple geometrical constructions;
    • Graphical representation;
      • nature and uses of graphs,
      • graphs of equations/functions;
    • Simple trigonometry;
      • trigonometrical relationships,
      • use of tables
      • rectangular and polar coordinates.

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