The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic micro-computer that can handle many operations and can find a home in nearly all technology solutions.

In essence it is a motherboard of todays low end machines. its not a laptop or pc or server but can do any of those jobs. Why? because it supports the opensource ethos of sharing and engaging.

Its the little sports car of the computer world, it can do anything but its best at making you happy and this is because you can achieve so much for very little


So in this area we are going to concentrate our effort, first on running through the basics that come with our ABOX Raspberry Pi3B+ and then expanding on them into IOT and cover some electronics in the process.

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Just to clarify that this is not sponsored by ABOX and you can get your equipment elsewhere but this is where we purchased ours from Amazon. Raspberry Pi3B+ supplied by ABOX and the accesory kit by Freenove. Click the pictures and they will take you to the respective Amazon product pages but please shop around and get the best deal. 







So Onward bound and lets start having some fun.