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Updated 09/08/2019

The Conditional Use of this site requires that you agree to the following, and any laws in force as they apply. If not please close the browser window and seek advice.

  1. This website is a UK registered website and thus the laws of the UK are those that bind it and which it operates within. More precisely and where applicable,the geographically controlled laws of the county of Essex within the UK are applicable. 
  2. Where the local geographic county law ( especially old local Bylaws ) affect the content of this website in any way in contradiction to UK law then the local geographic county law of Essex shall be that which is applicable to this website when the UK law is insufficient to legally be superior to that local county Law.
  3. If you use this site, all information is to be regarded as theoretical discussion and I take no responsibility for anything you may do, suffer, lose, financial losses or affect after engaging with this website including any unforeseen emotional or physical trauma or injury. You are responsible for how you act and behave while on and off this website and are responsible for any litigation or losses you may incur or cause. The use of this website refers all liability for such issues onto you and relieves the site owner. 
  4. You may not abuse other people or act or comment in a way that would cause offence. You and not this website, or the site owner, are responsible for any legal action or civil action taken thereafter.
  5. If the Police or security services request information from this website or the site owner, we will co-operate fully as instructed by them and by entering this website you agree that this is acceptable and shall not take action against the website or myself for any information they may gain as it will be assumed that they are lawful. If they obtain information that you do not want them to have then you will raise this issue with them and not the website or its owner.
  6. Any Reviews of equipment or software are the opinion of the reviewer and are not statements of fact and for legal purposes must be regarded as fiction or unqualified reports. Although accurate knowledge share is the goal you may not take action to recover any losses for financial transactions or potential future or theoretical losses on decisions made from reading material on this website. I recommend, always, organizing a trial with the vendor and basing your decisions on your own merits. The reviews are for raising attention and awareness only
  7. If any ideas shared in this website seem similar to others, they have not been plagiarized or stolen secret technology, we just had the same solution and crazy thought process. If you patented it then well done, but it will not have been developed from nor influenced  by anything outside of general public domian and an imagination.
  8. If you take an idea from here and patent it in a way that prevents it being accessible to others in the spirit that it is shared here, then shame on you.
  9. You must always seek professional guidance from the trade and regulatory bodies and never dismiss official versions or accounts based on what you engage with on this site.
  10. Do not recreate or produce anything engaged with on this site. You must always take responsibility for your own actions and my advice regarding the content on this site is if you are not able to be responsible for your actions, leave this site now. Do not blame this site, site owner or writer for anything someone else, or yourself, does.If you are not trained and qualified then get someone who is or consult your local training / education facility.
  11. The site owners, or writers, take no responsibility and infer any liability for anything that you may do after reading or engaging with the material in this website or harm / damage you may do to yourself or others and any financial implications arising from them, back onto yourself.
  12. This site displays adverts supplied by WordPress WordAds and marketing take no responsibility for what is displayed. The Site owner has great plans for experiments in the future and need the revenue to pay for them otherwise the information inside as free.
    1. Update as of 09/08/2019 – Due to the lack of control of the adds from WordAds and feedback received, all articles posted after this date will be supported by affiliate adverts from which the website and website owner may earn a commission from a sale that happens due to the clicking of a link. Previous archived posts will for a time still have WordAds.
    2. Update as of 09/08/2019 – This change will not affect the quality or independence of the article and adverts shall be placed after writing but will be relevant to the intended audience. If no Directly relevant advert is available then we may place a generally relevant advert.
    3. Update as of 09/08/2019 – Affiliate adverts may use Cookies and traffic tracking methods to track where their sale or lead has originated. This is a standard practice and not managed by this website or owner.
  13. Some links gain revenue if you purchase items via the link, i.e. Amazon adverts earn revenue but feel free to also order the item elsewhere. There is no condition to buy equipment through this site – they were there originally as handy links and professional images to display the item but if it can support the website and does not cost anyone any more then why not link to a supplier.
  14. Now this website is open for all ages with the control on the advert content but is aimed at a mature audience. If you are a young person and do enter anyway then please consult your Parent / Guardian and get their advice.
    1. Text Replaced 12/08/2019 – “If you are under 16 years of age, please do not enter the website. sorry its a legal thing as the ads are not age restricted. ” Replaced with ” Now this website is open for all ages with the control on the advert content but is aimed at a mature audience. “
  15. If you are a Parent / Guardian / Teacher then you are responsible for supervising the Child while they are viewing the material on this website.